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This website is in no way sponsored by, affiliated with, or related to Tracker Marine, the parent company of recent SeaCraft boats. The official Site is located at:




Over the years has grown from an enthusiasts web-site with under a hundred members to a web-site that is recognized by both marine professionals and hobbyists as the authority on boat restoration. "often imitated, never duplicated" much like the hull design of the boats that were the inspiration for the web site.

One of the most frequently asked questions about SeaCraft boats is what year is a Potter hull? To answer that question 1968-1980. If you seek more information please browse the sites library of catalogs, magazine articles, and photo albums of well cared for boats. If you come looking for advise about purchasing, restoring, or selling your SeaCraft check out our interactive "Forum" with over a thousand SeaCraft fanatics ready to discuss your boat or maybe your future boat.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, if you would like your boat, SeaCraft or not, featured on the site please send an email to



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