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jsylvester08 09-13-2020 04:53 PM

How to drain Front Fish Box 86í 20í SF
We have had some rainy days here on LI in last few weeks and my fish box has about 2 inches of water sitting in it. Why is the best way to drain it without putting it on a trailer? I keep her in the water all year and was wondering if everyone pulls the plug when running on a plane or if that part is still Uly Der water. The drain goes down though the hull below the water line. I leave a plug in at all times and donít want to pull it if itís only going to let water in vs draining. Any help would be appreciated. Also has anyone set this up to drain into the bilge? When did you put the new drain hole if you did?
Thanks for the help.

gofastsandman 09-13-2020 09:03 PM

Pull it on plane.

bumpdraft 09-13-2020 09:27 PM

With no waves, or you might get a shower.

PackRat 09-13-2020 09:32 PM

Assuming the same as my ‘74 20 SF, i pull the plug so it will drain when in the slip. Rain water from down pours will find its way in. Water only lays in the area just at the top of the thru hull. Before I leave , I plug it so salt water doesnt shoot through the hole. Typically use it for storage as I have a cooler and kill box in the transom if needed.

strick 09-14-2020 10:15 PM

And when all else fails don't forget the shop vac :)


Bwana4 09-28-2020 12:47 PM

putting the bow up on a small sandbar exposed the bottom hole, so you can pull plug

jsylvester08 10-03-2020 09:04 AM

Iíll give it a try
Thanks all for the input. Going to give it a try this weekend.

jsylvester08 10-22-2020 12:36 AM

I guess sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution. I put her up on a plane pulled the plug and was shocked to see the water start to flush out. Th also all for the input. This has been bothering me for 5 years since I bought her.

HatTrick 11-25-2020 06:09 PM

I also have an '86 20sf. Has anyone found a way to waterproof that hatch and the deck hatch aft of the leaning post?

rcnight 11-26-2020 08:21 PM

Speaking of fish boxes, my 83 SF drain is not original. If you have the original setup, could you post pictures of the interior & exterior. Thanks

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