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Originally Posted by 77SceptreOB View Post
Hmmm, I thought Garmin owns Navionics now?
Garmin bought Navionics (E-Chart and charting software company), but did NOT buy Navico (maker of Simrad, Lowrance, and B&G electronics)

They bought Navionics because it gave them a way to get back at Navico after they lost 5 lawsuits to Navico for patent infringement and industrial espionage that cost Garmin more than a billion (with a B) dollars worldwide.

Seems that Navico back in the late 90's came up with the original software for side scan/structure scan paired sonar emittters and Garmin hired someone at Airmar to steal some (but not all) of the design. Garmin then worked the bugs out faster than Navico and beat them to market. So Navico sued. And won some (but not all) of their lawsuits after more than a decade.

In retaliation, Garmin bought out Navionics (Navico's primary chart data vendor/supplier) Enter ANOTHER lawsuit to force Garmin to fulfill existing chart supply contracts from Navionics to Navico. And that's when Navionics began the change over to C-Map charting as their primary supplier, including funding some of the corporate development for the Italian chart company during the mid 2000's.

I swear, it's like an industrial feud/soap opera.

That being said, I sell all the major manufacturer marine electronics through West Marine, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. For image clarity and raw capability, Simrad is tops, period. It is also easier to configure or personalize. But it is not easier to use for someone unfamiliar with multifunction chartplotter/fishfinders. But it's very configurable complexity works against it for the entry level/casual boater.

However, once configured, Garmin is certainly more intuitive and easier for the casual boater to use. But if you don't like the defaults, you gotta spend the time configuring it to your preferences, which isn't as easy to do as with Simrad/Lowarance/B&G.

Go to your local West Marine and play with them. We encourage it.

JFTR, I use Navico on both my boats. Lowrance Hook2 9" Reveal with Active-Imaging on my 18', and a Lowrance Elite Ti2 5" with TotalScan on the 20' Seafari. Cost/benefit analysis.
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