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Originally Posted by chriselk View Post
Hey guys,
My question is can anyone tell me what this boat was powered with originally (I/O or outboard)? See pictures.
I/O, You can tell, because the stringers in the rear cut inward to allow more room for the motor and motor beds. The outboard models have wider stringers at the rear.

The lower part of the transom that is rotted may have transferred moisture up into the newer 3" section that was redone. Ply wood wicks water from the end grains the most so it could of sucked the water up into that part as well. I would se how well they separated the new core from the old. If it was just butted together them you might have to change it all and the new stuff will be hard to get off. If they glassed in between them it might of saved the new wood and kept the water out. Three inches is over kill and is adding extra weight to the hull too. If you go back with two 3/4" ply's you might can shave some weight off of the rear of the boat. It would be hard to do a transom and leave part and re-do just some, better to just change out the whole thing. On one of SC hulls it has a solid transom that is not old at all with zero rot but has a deep notch for a short leg motor and I want to fill the notch to make it a full transom. I feel like I could just fill it in and it would be find but I probably will remove all of it just so I know it has been done right and the way I want it. It is hard replacing something that is not bad but it just depends on how far you want to go with a restore (get it back going and fix just what needs it or a full redo to "Like new condition") Far as strength wise if the top new part is not compromised by the wet lower core then you will be fine just changing the bad lower part. Just depends on how anal you are how far you want to take it. I tend to be a bit to anal at times and take things to far.
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