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Originally Posted by Locke N Load View Post
If you endorse G10 then I won't question it and order some up. How thick? I think the heaviest item will be the dual bank battery charger.

My thinking with the Coosa is it is already 3/4" thick. Adding a couple of layers of glass and it is getting pretty thick and taking up valuable real estate. Also, I am running low. I could try patching together a bunch of the scraps. I was just thinking I have enough material to make the frame and I could make panels of straight glass to complete the box. I do have some of the Carbon Core honeycomb leftover I could use and it is economical enough to order and ship more if needed. Hmmmm...
You can layup your own glass panels if you didnt wana order g10. 3/8 thick is plenty. You really dont need a full size piece, just some squares where the mounting fasteners are. That will raise it up a bit for cooling too.

Use the coosa for the helm area and whatever ya got for the rest. Honeycomb isnt ideal for that cuz you cant just round over the corners. Framing a box is just too much work and over-engineering, and shaping the corners will be a royal pain. Build the box with cored panels, fillet and tape the inside.

Most of the time ill try and screw my ziptie mounts into or close to the filleted corner. Keeps all the rigging tucked into the corner and theres plenty of meat to hold the screw
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