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I made the passenger side bulkhead separating the deck area from the cuddy area with 1/2" CC honeycomb and a couple layers of 17 oz. biaxial on each side. It is quite stiff and not having to worry about corners made it relatively easy. Then I made the seat/hatch covers the same way. Lots of edges meant filling the honeycomb with thickened epoxy and then wrapping glass tape around, several layers thick. More work than I expected, but plenty strong again and fit well.

I am planning on making the entire face of the helm where the steering pump, electronics and everything else will be attached to ensure it is plenty strong. Then I was figuring the frame for the rest of the helm box with Coosa. Maybe I can see if I can locate some more Coosa locally. I found the three panels I have used off Craigslist for $660. That's about one panel now with shipping.

I like the idea of making my own G10 style glass board. That should be easy enough. I have found the 17 oz. material ends up being 1/32nd of an inch thick each layer. 12 layers won't take long to do.

Thanks for all the tips and suggestions. Much appreciated.
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