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Old 01-04-2020, 03:20 PM
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Default 85? 23? CC Rebuild... Another water issue

First rebuild is like a polar plunge, you just gotta to jump right in.
Some of you may remember this SC, it had twins yammy 130s Previous owner stated it was not a project boat? in his ad. Although Ive owned boats I didnt know what I was in for buying an almost 35 yr ole.

One concern was water in the bilge which he said normal and all boats have it, mind you Ive always trailered my boats. This water in the bilge is worrisome. If Imdrifting especially in any chop, water coming in and since Ive read a lot on wet foam etc. and I had water leaking from stringer delamination so I thought it was time to rebuild. After removing deck and opening stringers I didnt find saturated foam like some mention, there was some but minimal. I did find a lot of voids where there was no foam. I have to discovered sitting water between stringers and hull but not that much. I am deep into it so finding a possible crack or something would be great....any thoughts? I know there is a similar thread going but if Im not mistaken, its different style hull.
Also, I assume this cone was used to secure stringer in the build process? I also see this piece of glassed plywood which is cracked, is this used for structure purpose?

Last summer on a hot day I pulled the boat in the driveway and filled it up with a good amount of water(my driveway has good pitch, 20 degrees Im guessing ), then backed it up the driveway, waited and checked for leaks and could not find one. On the water the first hour or so the bilge is dry but as the day goes she starts filling up.

Thx! any help would greatly appreciated

85' 23sf T130's

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Old 01-04-2020, 03:41 PM
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For some reason I can't see the pics - says invalid album but I would check around the floor drain scuppers first. The brass tubes corrode and start leaking - it takes a lot of water to fill the bilge on a trailer to the point that it leaks out. I had a vague memory of seeing a trickle when mine was in the water so I put the plug in from the outside while it was on the trailer and ran a hose onto the deck - water drooled into the bilge from one of the scuppers before it was an inch deep on the deck...
Pulled it apart - the tube was toast and the wood backing block was rotted mulch

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Old 01-13-2020, 01:49 PM
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I can click the links and pull up the pic's but not sure where you may be getting the water from unless its like Flexpat was saying - from around the brass drain tubes.
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Old 01-14-2020, 09:33 PM
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I’m working on the removal of the transom soon and I will be inspecting those areas. The scupper connections where tight. The last thing I want is to go through a complete restoration and discover the issue remains. Thx guys.

85' 23sf T130's
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