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Old 09-30-2021, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Grumpy SOB View Post
Hey Snookerd,
I was kind of thinking this was THE Club but then I said to myself, self, it can't be. Because there are no rules, oaths, bylaws, leaders, elections, hazing, rituals, dues, meetings, colors, uniforms, logos, passwords, background checks, income verification, or secret hand shakes. You seem to let anyone in too. "If you don't keep someone out then you don't have a club" Opie Taylor :-)
We have Pappy
Apple Pie
Pink Pantie Dropper
Purple Passion
and the ever popular
Hop, Skip, and go Naked

We make them up along the way.

Everything else is covered by Spider Crab.

Last edited by gofastsandman; 09-30-2021 at 08:08 PM. Reason: Be mindful of the handshake.
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