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Old 05-11-2019, 10:30 PM
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Default Project Hull Advice - 1971 20 SF

First - can someone tell me how to upload pictures that don't show up upsidedown or sideways?

I guess there is just something about the Seacraft Ride …
I picked up another 20' SF that has been partially restored. I am looking to get this on the water as a 'spartan;, low cost project boat.

Upon my purchase, I was shown receipts for new deck, cap re-core and new composite transom.

Upon diving into it I've discovered some things. Which has me posting...
This 71' has one hull side that upon inspection to me seems a little concerning. When looking down from rod holder/inspection hatch to hull bottom - one can see that the hull bottom is potentially thicker than the hull sides. (as expected) It looks as if side where the bottom connects to the side some fiberglass layers are separating. Port side ok. Pics attached of both. Am I being anal or is this a legitimate concern? Is there a ton of layers below what is shown in pics to justify a few more years of use?

Additionally previous owner painted while gelcoat over top of the original fighting lady yellow . Everywhere except the transom seems ok, however the transom has a few bubbles. This hull is a traditional stringer type, (as opposed to box stringer setup) with bottom stringer landing at dead bottom of hull, and therefore the drain plug to be offset to one side. Coupled with inadequate stinger drainage holes (to be corrected soon) This keeps water inside the hull. I'm guessing the pooling water inside the hull has gotten into the transom. Because this is a composite transom - and a redneck build - can I please not pay too much attention to it?

I am more concerned with the hull bottom / side potential separation. Potential for full restore? Yes. Would I like to fully restore? Yes. At this point, however I might just go bananas if I don't have a means to escape the grind...

I just picked up console, pumps, hoses, and hardware... and have just began to dive deeper. Can you guys shed some of your thoughts and experience?!
Thank you!

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