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Old 12-01-2018, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Capt Terry View Post
Hey Frizzle-
You mentioned an outage- with Duke Power? Before retiring the last third of my career was with GE Gas Turbines in Greenville. The first 2/3s designing military jet engines where I probably bumped into Flexpat and knew Bushwacker very well.

I currently work for a 50 megawatt bio energy plant which produces base load power for Duke Power. We are currently under a 10 year contract to sell power to Duke produced from 25% turkey house bedding - 75% wood waist (chips, bark, grindings, ect.). North Carolina had such a problem with the disposal of turkey waist (wood shavings with poop in it) they put out an subsidy on megawatts produced from the burning of such. We have always sold power to Progress energy - Duke/Progress - Duke energy since the birth of the plant in 1990 mainly.
I have only been here for about 7 years or so and was hired in with Consumers Energy (Michigan based outfit) who half own the plant. After heading up a project changing their Bailey DCS out to a modern Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC/HMI platform I was given an offer to come work full time here. Prior to that I worked a handful of years in a facility upgrading old controls ect. They had 30+ process plants built in the 70's that we referbed. Im currently I&C tech/Specialist with the power plant and currently working on a few projects. Doing a VFD upgrade to run our RO more efficient this outage along with automating a chemical feed system over the next few weeks. We are down for 30 days changing out our gen bank tubing as we suffered a few tube leaks last this year.
The process plant that I worked at previously had a GE turbine that I helped upgrade back 15 years ago. That facility was a phosphate mine/plant called Texas Gulf then PCS phosphate and now is owned by Nutrien. You may of know of the facility in eastern N.C. possibly.
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Old 12-01-2018, 04:29 PM
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Default Outages

Hey Frizzle-
Quite a resume there. I suspect you worked on a GE 7E or 7FA. I was mostly confined to the hot gaspath design area. Did hot gas path outages for Dominion at Bear Garden, two for TECO Polk in Bartow Fl, and spent a month at Electrabel in Holland during a complete build where the compressor and everything downstream was destroyed. A shame more designers donít get to see the hardware after operation or damage!
Sorry, enough diversion from boat talk.
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