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Old 10-05-2021, 05:43 AM
wattaway2 wattaway2 is offline
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Itís a boat OF COURSE. There will be issuesóó-lol
Amazon must be a God send over ther, we wanted metal cooler cups for our vacation but didnít want to drag them there in the baggage looked and had them ship a 4 pack there thru Amazon for like $26-28 then left the set for her there, no issues with what do you have in the bag?
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Old 10-05-2021, 02:58 PM
Xcomunic8d Xcomunic8d is offline
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Yeah Amazon prime is a must here. Real nice of you to give to others. Yard sales and second hand everything is pretty normal here. Amazonís shipping has gotten slower, sped up, and is slowing down again. But they did open a warehouse in Hawaii so that did help some during COVID but I think the supply chain is really messed up getting stuff to them.

Summit is still lightning fast with very reasonable 2 day air prices.

So far no issues (that Iím aware of) But I wonít really be able to fine tune until I get it firing. But as is all things engine. Itís one thing to bolt it together. Itís another to make it run and keep it running.

Fuel system and cooling system are next on the list.
Need: fuel water separators, fuel hose, -an fittings, c5 regulator, return hose setup.

Cooling: All my fittings and hoses for the cooling system. Power steering cooler, oil cooler.
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Old Yesterday, 03:10 AM
Xcomunic8d Xcomunic8d is offline
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So yet another order for parts

Ict billet 5í spark plug wires.

Faria Chesapeake black gauge set.

Ls oil drain valve

Fuel regulator /filter

AIT sensor for LS1 harness

Holley Term X is back in stock. So do I try to return ligenfelter trg (if can-itís unused) and go Holley? or do I stay with what I have? Bear in mind thatís $800-1200.
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