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Old 05-10-2022, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by deerhunter View Post
hey terry no big ya say im just frustrated. not complaining. im thinking of maybe trying to repair the holes on the side of the tank. the bottom and top and sides are still solid. just the spots where the wooden blocks were are corroded. anybody have any suggestions of what to use for aluminum sealing with gas
A new tank
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Old 05-10-2022, 06:47 PM
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I think you'll find that no reputable welders are interested in welding on a 50 year old gas tank. I had the same idea, just wash it out real good, hook up a couple of fans and let it air out for a couple of days... how tough can it be, right? Well, I talked to three well respected welders and each said it was an awful idea, and they wouldn't do it. My tank didn't have any holes all the way through, and wasn't leaking, but it had deep pits, which as I picked at them with an ice pick grew larger and deeper. I considered trying JB Weld epoxy, that's marketed as appropriate for patching automobile gas tanks. But the nightmare of developing a leak and having the bilge fill with fumes interfered with my sleep. Your call, but a new tank and hoses will give you years of peace of mind.

Designed it exactly how I wanted it, including a threaded "stick hole" to check gas levels if the gauge stops working. We typically only run short distances, and I like to have fresh gas, so moved from a 75 gallon tank to a 40, cost $400 delivered to my door. I actually picked up range, because the new 4 stroke gets close to three times the mpg of the old two stroke.
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Old 05-15-2022, 09:16 AM
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Call luthers welding in Bristol ri for a new gas tank
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Old 05-15-2022, 09:25 AM
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Another good option is Eric Kent, KentFab, in Pembroke, MA, at 339-244-4531.
Eric did the tanks for my 23' plus a bunch of other work. Very high quality and
very good to work with.
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Old 05-16-2022, 07:57 AM
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I ended up buying a 17 gal poly tank. should be here next week. hoping it fits. im loosing 10 gal of capacity . won't be able to go to the backside of the vineyard anymore.
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Old 05-20-2022, 02:18 AM
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Couple of options on range for you

Portable fuel tank you hook up

Or gas cans.

We take gas cans out all the time to have spare fuel onboard.
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